Wise Investment

Are you planning to invest? Why not invest in Real Estate?

Real Estate is getting stronger.

Here are five data points that show the housing market will continue to recover, and that a new housing crisis is not about to take shape.


1) Mortgage availability is increasing

2) The Housing Affordability Index

3) Home prices are well within historic norms

4) Demand for housing

5) New home starts are finally beginning to increase

4129  Jones Street ,  Farmville, NC 27828


Beautifully unique home for sale on Jones St. in Farmville! Stunning 9 + ft. ceilings in foyer / sitting room create an opulent feel as soon as you walk inside. Polished hardwood flooring carries you throughout the house, with tile flooring in the kitchen, & carpeted bedrooms. 3 bedrooms and 2 full bathrooms give you plenty of living space, and both bathrooms have lovely tile showers. Spacious patio and deck areas give you lots of room to relax or entertain.

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Brock Realty Group

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