Halloween is one of our kids’ favorite celebrations.  We can make it special by letting them be a part of the preparations.  A few easy DIY decorations and foodies to share for use during this upcoming Halloween.

We are thankful to all the creative sites we have on the internet as they can make it easier for all of us. Not only good with our budget, but for our kiddos as well.

Kid – Friendly Halloween Crafts  – decorating our homes will be fun!




Of course, after decorating the house; kids will be hungry! Here are some “scary yummy foodies” we can prepare for them.  


Next thing we have to think about are costumes! You can check the stores we have in the area or visit their websites.  

Here is a link to a Halloweenmonster-cake Store owned by friends of Brock Realty Group located in Greenville, NC:





Halloween Express – Check them out and have a safe and fun Halloween!!




Let’s make this fun and more memorable to our kids!




Thank you kindly for checking us out!


Brock Realty Group

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