Live. Love NC

North Carolina is a southeastern U.S. state with a landscape ranging from Atlantic Ocean beaches to the Appalachian Mountains. Charlotte, the state’s largest city, is home to the NFL’s Carolina Panthers and museums such as the NASCAR Hall of Fame.

North Carolina is known for its storied traditions in craft, from the functional ware by early Moravian artisans in Salem and Bethabara to the creative exuberance of today’s studio craft artists at the Penland School and throughout the state. A wealth of visual art in addition to craft awaits visitors to North Carolina’s many superb art museums. In every region of the state, treasures abound, illuminating the aesthetic sensibilities of bygone eras and civilizations and offering perspectives on modern life through the art of our own time. The following curated list features some of the state’s most notable collecting and non-collecting art museums. Use it to plan your journey, one we know you’ll find rewarding.



The North Carolina Museum of Art, Raleigh



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