Feel at Home!

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Are you renting? No problem! Let make yourself feel at home!

Here’s a very helpful blog that give advises on how we can decorate our rental homes.

How to Decorate Your Rental Homes?

  1. -Add lighting.
  2. – Add statement furniture.
  3. – Liven up the white walls with accessories & plants.
  4. -Hang things on the walls.
  5. – Add a bar or coffee cart.
  6. – Have a statement headboard & linens.
  7. – Art doesn’t have to be hung.
  8. -Add rugs.
  9. -Add storage.
  10. – Add mirrors.
  11. -Utilize the outdoor spaces.


(FOR RENT) View More Details & Photos HERE!

Rental Requirements:

600 minimum credit score
1 week of household income must be equal to 1 month’s rent


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