Spring Cleaning Tips & Tricks

With the spring season sweeping in, it’s time to sweep the clutter out! Whether you are buying a new home, moving out of your old home, or just in desperate need of some organization around the house, we’ve scouted out some helpful tips and tricks for your spring cleaning needs.

      1. When moving heavy furniture, place two clean towels underneath each end. Dirty towels can cause unwanted scuff marks.
      2.  Save space under sinks holding cleaning supplies by hanging spray bottles on a tension rod. http://www.ms-notsoperfect.com/2011/08/spray-bottle-space-saver.html
      3. When organizing bookshelves, arrange books by size and subject.Creating patterns by lining books vertically and horizontally adds to the aesthetic appeal of the showcase. http://www.housebeautiful.com/decorating/organize/spring-cleaning-tips#slide-9
      4. To maximize closet space, stack clear, see-through boxes with labels on the floor and higher shelves. http://www.goodhousekeeping.com/home/cleaning-organizing/easy-closet-organizing-tips
      5. Get creative with wall space. Adding hooks or hanging baskets can eliminate clutter from countertops and drawers.
      6. Check out this comprehensive Spring Cleaning Checklist on Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/82190761928564203/

For more tips and tricks for your spring cleaning needs, check us out on Pinterest at http://pinterest.com/BrockRealtyGrp, and don’t forget to check out our main website  for your home buying and selling needs!


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