Remodeling Trends

Getting tired of the way your kitchen or bathroom looks? Ready for an update for yourself, or to better your home in preparation to sell? Here are some of the top remodeling trends for 2013!

For kitchens, the real focus is on keeping it simple.

White and dark finishes are IN for kitchen cabinetry. Light wood stain has become less popular in the past few years.

Glass backsplashes are a great way to update your kitchen, and they make cleaning easier!

Touch-activated faucets are also big right now. They are helpful when hands are messy, and your house guests will be impressed!

LED lighting is also growing in popularity. It is long lasting and energy saving, and everyone loves an energy conscious home owner.


Some things you want to avoid:

Appliance garages- just keep the heavily used stuff out on the counter!

Farmhouse sinks- they were very popular the past couple years, but installation of these sinks has significantly dropped.

4-inch backsplashes- These are very outdated! If installing a backsplash, make it reach the bottom of the cabinets.

Colorful appliances- Stainless steel is the way to go!


For bathrooms, it’s all about luxurious feeling details.

Glass tile isn’t just popular for kitchens! It is great for bathrooms too.

Bold colors may be risky in kitchens, but they are great for bathrooms!

In-floor heating is also a nice addition, and more cost-effective than you might think.

Furniture-style elements such as framed mirrors are very in right now, and are inexpensive to make or purchase.


Other things to keep in mind for bathrooms:

Don’t forget storage – People need places to put towels and toiletries!

Don’t skimp on materials – Bathrooms are high traffic areas. Check warranties and quality of materials.





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