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Inaugural Post is on Food of Course…Pun Intended

I mean who doesn’t love food right? We need it to live, we use it often to express love, it is frequently a topic of conversation and what gathering is not complemented with a little food? Okay enough, you get it already, right.

Today we will spotlight a new restaurant we have in town…Noodles & Company. We ate lunch there – the day it opened – and the dish I had was very good; the Indonesian Peanut Saute’. From the Noodles & Company Website “Spicy peanut sauce and rice noodles stir-fry, broccoli, carrots, cabbage, Asian sprouts, cilantro, crushed peanuts and lime.” My take from it was simply this – it was moderately spicy goodness in a bowl; I really enjoyed it. According to their website a small bowl has 420 calories, 9(g) total fat, 2(g) saturated fat, 930(mg) sodium, 74(g) carbs, 4(g) dietary fiber and 9(g) protein.

The soda fountain is a wonder in itself, The Coca-Cola Freestyle® machine offers dozens of non-carbonated, low-calorie and caffeine-free drink options, it’s flavor like you’ve never tasted before. Choose from their many regular soda offerings and favorites like Dasani®, Minute Maid® and Powerade®; – more than 100 drink possibilities in all.

Their website is easy to navigate with descriptions of the food they offer and a downloadable full menu. They offer a wide variety of dishes they describe as “Our global menu features three cuisines rolled into one: Asian, Mediterranean and American. It’s like getting to try new flavors from a different country every day. You can visit Thailand on Tuesday and Wisconsin on Wednesday.” The restaurant is located at 3030 Evans Street, Greenville NC just in front of the Target at University Commons shopping center, hours of operation are 11:00am – 10:00pm and the phone number is (252)755.0282.

We will return soon to explore the menu further and this restaurant definately fits into our recommended casual eats catergory. Bon Apetit.

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3 thoughts on “Inaugural Post is on Food of Course…Pun Intended

  1. A top tip: When using the new freestyle Coke machines, let the soda run for a second, before filling your cup. Otherwise, you will have the last customer’s orange flavor surprise in your Diet Coke.
    Now, let’s eat!

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